Contra Costa County, Emergency Operations Center


Contra Costa County


Martinez, California




38,155 Square Feet


$40 Million

Dreyfuss + Blackford has a specialty practice for Emergency Operations Centers (EOC) and our newest project of this type is for the County of Contra Costa. The County’s new EOC replaces an existing outdated facility.

This new essential service facility houses the office of the County Sheriff and Command Staff. A state-of-the-art Emergency Situation Room within the EOC is equipped with the highest level of communication technology. Additionally, the new building has a public training and lecture hall with amenities to support media briefings in times of emergency operations and community events.

Contra Costa County’s EOC is designed to operate independently for up to a week in the event of a natural disaster or crisis where city utilities are unable to function.

The project was designed to achieve LEED Gold certification.

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