Working from Home {Corona Edition}

Kristina Jardis

May 11, 2020

Child sitting on a dog
Sheltering in place, on a poodle.

At the beginning of this new way of life, I thought to myself that working from home would be fabulous. No need to commute in the morning. Athleisure wear, which is a staple of my weekend wardrobe, would now become my everyday wardrobe. Best of all, think of all the work I can get done during the day without interruption! That whole thought process lasted for probably a solid weekend and a day. Then the numbers started to tick up as the pandemic became more of a reality. With that, we made the decision to keep the toddler home … and so I write you on quarantine day 51.

child watching TV
Feeling grateful for Disney+.

That whole frolicking through a fabulous field of getting a ton of work done during the day went out the window once work from home plus a toddler became the reality. If I noted that we have been doing a bunch of academic activities and that the toddler now knows all his ABCs and has started to learn a second language, I would be kidding you. Both my husband and I have begun to accept that screen time is now a thing in our house and Disney + is now our most watched app.

child driving a tractor
Sometimes you just have to get out and drive your tractor… off the curb.

I have learned to keep my mouse hovering over the turn camera off button if I hear a toilet flush in our house. Living with a toddler who thinks it is hilarious to run at mommy while on a video conference call to claim he is a “silly goose” all while being naked has prompted this new level of awareness. Some days, my patience runs quite thin, but at the end of the day I try to remember that these are truly times I will never get back. I get to see him grow, process his surroundings, and ride a battery powered tractor in an endless left turning circle. He gets to see what his parents do during the day, in lieu of us dropping him at daycare. What may be a rough time, gets a bit brighter when you have a carefree toddler by your side to help lighten up the day and make you laugh.

child in a shark chair
Chilling after a hard day’s work.

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