When Your Kid is a Client: Part I

Jennifer Reid

November 15, 2021

Hearing feedback from clients and building occupants is one of the best parts of my job – seeing the culmination of years of hard work come together to improve the daily lives of people is hard to beat.

This past Saturday on opening day of MOSAC here in Sacramento, I got to tour through with one of my favorite people and hear her thoughts: my seven-year-old daughter, Nora.

When I first started working on the interior design for this project, I knew the timing of construction completion would be at a great age to take Nora – in fact, she spent some time watching me work on ‘mommy’s building’ over my shoulder while I worked from home, and even had a suggestion for an exhibit (slime pool).

Well, my heart beamed, and that satisfaction was tops on Saturday – not only to see Nora interact with the exhibits, full of excitement and wonder, but to be able to see the crowd of kids, hear their “whoooaaaa”s in the planetarium, and watch families have fun and learn together.

The Destination Space exhibit drew us back several times and the Planetarium star show was also a huge highlight for our entire crew. And hearing “good job, Mom” wasn’t too bad either….

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