Solano County, Department of Child Support Services


Solano County


Fairfield, California




1,200 Square Feet


1.8 Million

Solano County’s Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) works together with the public to solve financial, legal and the emotional challenges that come with co-parenting. As a department with a difficult task, creating an environment with a positive workplace strategy helped improve their image and reinvigorated the work culture while delivering a welcoming and comfortable space for their clients.

DCSS’s new location, on the 5th floor of the County Administration Building, introduces an improved workflow for staff including a complete open office floor plan with access to natural daylight and integrated technology designed to enable staff to work from any of the collaborative areas. A training room and various sized meeting rooms provide staff dedicated spaces to collaborate and provide continuous staff training. Private interview rooms deliver space for DCSS to consult with clients on sensitive matters. The waiting room incorporates a large wall-length graphic wallcovering representing a “new horizon” emulating a more sophisticated version of a child’s painting. To help further reinforce the mission of the department and carry the design concept throughout, each of the conference spaces have large photographic wall coverings incorporating images of children and parents. The new DCSS environment gives a “fresh start” for both the DCSS staff and the clients they serve.



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